The IC 18/15 is the new Clipper from International Clip, created for working the 18 and 15 series clip, maintaining the maximum reliability and simplicity in usage of the  DKU 18/15 with several “NEWS” :

  • New design and frame in STAINLESS STEEL
  • Display in STAINLESS STEEL certified FDA (IP69K)
  • Electric board isolated in an extractable stainless steel box
  • New modular conveyor belt (certified FDA) with pneumatic or electric motor

The IC 18/15 Clipper can be equipped with many additional accessories, like the Loop Inserter, String dispenser, pneumatic Casing Brake, Cutting Tube (for cooked Hams), Parallel Revolver (for quick casing stick change), airless Slag-Fill (for products in moulds) and many more to meet any requirements in application and also in personalization.