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IC AR3001

The shirring machine IC AR3001 is the result of many years of International Clip experience in converting casings combined with the production and assistance for the food industry. Our research and development team, with the help of the operators in our casing converting center, have developed the IC AR3001 to guaranty maximum versatility united with simplicity in use and regulation.

The IC AR3001, thanks to its 2 rotor system with silicone paddles, is able to shirr plastic, collagen and fibrous casings from  Ø30 mm to  Ø250 mm. this simple and efficient system, together with the Touch Screen control panel, allows changing of production in less than 5 minutes.

Our shirring machine can be placed directly in the filling area and use the casing directly from the shirring tube by placing it over the stuffing horn, or combine it with our optional Net Loading Unit to produce classic casing sticks in net.

Technical Sheet

Shirring technology: 2 rotors with silicon paddles
Operation mode: Manual
Shirring capacity: 1000-1500mt/h
Diameter Range:  Ø30mm – Ø250mm
Type of casing: Plastic, collagen, fibrous
Casing core diameters: 76 (standard) 150-200 (optional)
Casing roll diameter:  max Ø800mm
Meters per stick: up to 50mt
Power: 2,5Kw 380V 50hz A7
Air pressure: 6 -7 bar